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. another thing the palmer study gave us was effect on our projected demand. you can see the higher line represents what we think would happen based on the climate change effect and that's 8 percent bump over norms in 2040. so a climate change enhanced version. the footnotes of this slide is since we conducted this study and this speaks to something chuck just mentioned their subjectively lower than when we first did this so that's an issue we're trying to understand how to incorporate that into our plan when demand is not going up in the same way it did in the past. there's fundamentally a different relationship. part of sit just a different way and we're sighing higher and a lot of infill with residential and high density residential. these are some of the things we're trying to figure out how that impacts our planning. next slide. so what are we doing as a result of this work. well, first we plan to use our work with local models for watershed and there's new models this year for the,ipc, these we think will be better to down scaling the global effects on to a more watershed effect sc
of the investigation, this was a tremendous weakness for us. frankly, there were some failures that occurred in communications. best practices around the country are that you have internal affairs and criminal work under the same umbrella. obviously, you need some separation of these organizations, but having them work together is incredibly important. all criminal investigations and the biandend up being administr. we are excited about that. next week there will be some capt. promotions, and we will be ready to announce those once we conclude the reduced -- reviews. >> if i may, could we clap for the motion? [applause] >> thank you. what i would like to do briefly is half the director gave you -- have the director give you a quick update on the robberies. the reason we are doing this in this forum is this was completed today, and we believe there is a wealth of information, things people can do to prevent becoming a victim. we will be meeting with the community to get the word out. we felt this would be a wonderful opportunity to use the commission as a vehicle to get the information out. >
, this suspect, he is -- there is a connection between him and the two asian women missing in vallejo, tell us more about that. >> the suspect had an outstanding warrant for a murder that occurred last saturday. the vehicle he was associated with was a white sat lack escalate. -- white cadillac escalate. >> -- escalade. >> reporter: you told me he was an a acquaintance of the suspect? >> yes. >> reporter: now the body was not believed to be one of the missing went from vallejo, is that accurate? >> that is accurate. we do believe this female could possibly have been the girlfriend of the suspect. >> reporter: now you told me there was a phone call that was reported of someone saying they were kidnapped, did that phone call come from this black acura moments before it crashed in front of this market? >> it is not known where it was received from but the kidnap victim was reported from vallejo. >> reporter: now the homicide reported in vallejo, there was also a missing man that was in the house when the homicide took place. tell me his name and how this is connected to this. >> his son was missi
, they gave chase and then they called the chp for back up once that chase entered the highway. to tell us more about how this chase insued and the chp's role in all of this we're joined by sergeant ross and sergeant can you walk us through exactly what happened. >> this evening we received a call from pleasant hill to chase a suspect. he came into a shopping center where he ran inside. two hpd officers confronted the suspect. he was given multiple requests to drop his weapon which he did not. we did have air support, public safety is always our concern. unfortunately there was also a deceased female we found inside the car. this is definitely a very complicated i incident. >> reporter: it certainly is. we have two people dead, efren valderoro and another woman who's body remains inside that acura now waiting for the coroner to remove that body. we also are learning that there are two missing women out of vallejo that may be connected to this suspected. we're looking through all of this. a lot to goat through here today. but the big headline, a wanted homicide suspect shot and killed by c
right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, september first, i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. let's go straight to breaking news right now, this morning. we are getting word right now it appears investigators have uncovered a killing spree. officers just confirmed that two more bodies were discovered overnight in connection with an officer-involved shooting in richmond. right now bomb squad units are at two different locations. kraig debro joins us now with more. what do you know, kraig? >> reporter: this is a huge complicated case. there was a chance that ended up here at this intersection, the suspect is dead. his girl friend is dead. you mentioned that there is a possibility that there might be some explosives -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- out here, this is not the only location. there is a bomb squad -- we will get more on that later -- there is also a bomb squad in vallejo, so the suspect has killed at least two people but could be up to five. last night his life ended right here.
to sfo. passengers say despite all they heard and saw, there was no panic onboard. >> kept talking to us. and they just reassured us the whole way. >> passengers were put up for the night at hotels in the bay area. most were rebooked on flights today through los angeles. >>> the search tonight for two missing friends. the two filipino women are from vallejo. on the left is a 60 year old who goes by carol and her 67-year-old friend or rita as her friends call her. the two were last seen on august 25th. police say smart left her home to visit allen. smart's abandoned car was later found. police believe both women are in a 2002 white cadillac aescalade. >>> the gang member suspected of shooting a fremont police officer and is accused getaway accomplice were charged today. tonight the entire community is at the officer's bedside. ken shows us how strangers are stepping up to help save young's life. >> these are all walk ins. this is the appointment sheet. you can see there's a lot more people just coming in to den ate blood. >> reporter: coming in to give of themselves while keenly aware of
they found 20- pounds of this ammonium, a chemical used to make explosives. this is the bomb squad. they said they cannot deal with this type of situation and they called in the atf instead and these two separate scenes. it wasn't just chemicals found in the upland court. the bodies of two women overnight. the police say it was a grisly scene. this is the home of 67-year-old dena allen. allen and her friend, carol smarkt, have been missing since wednesday. this is also a home where suspected killer efren valdemoro was known to say, sometimes trying to pass himself off as allen's son. here's where the story takes another turn -- police say the bodies of these two women had been in this home for a while and apparently during that time, allen husband, who reported her missing, had been living in the home. so he's been arrested and is in custody at this hour. how is this all connected to valdemoro? well, that's still unclear. police say all of this may not be connected to the hercules case in which valdemoro is suspected of killing an elderly man on friday. that man's son is still missing. if we
katsuyama joins us today with a live report. >> attorney general gary brown s this was a massive investigation found that prison gang leaders were using cell phones to give orders to street gangs. >>> the attorney general stood next to a board today with mug shot of 15 men that brown says are the leaders of a powerful gang. brown said that 13 of the 15 king men are in custody. >> there's a variety of charges. dope, killing, weapons, stealing. >> he says the year-long investn included rape state-wide on april 22nd. 250 federal and state agents helped in the crack down. they con if i execrated illegal firearms and drugs. investigators say that among those arrested are among that had san josa, and phillips sparks was the gang head and the investigation discovered that the gang separations from street deals to murders were directed by three king men inside the prison. >> many are orchestrated by incd inmates supposed to be serving their time. >> many gang orders were transpd transported from prison and he says he hopes to work with the department of correction to cut their communicat
a federal judge to lift his restraining order blocking the use of funds for embryonic stem cell research. the decision stopped dozens of experiments related to parkinson's disease and final injuries. there's no word on when the judge will vote on that request. >>> things are heating up here. fog at the coast all day. it was cool then at this hour there's clearing. temperatures right now in most bay area locations five to 10 to 15 degrees warmer from this time last night. tonight the fog is away from the coast. temperatures are in the mid- 50s. the afternoon with more of an offshore push. air sinking, sunny and hot, especially inland. a spare the air day tomorrow with temperatures going easily into the 90s in many inlands bay locations. those are the reds, i'll have more weather coming for you. >>> the air quality imaginers have declared tomorrow another spare the air day. the previous two were monday and tuesday. residents are urged to avoid unnecessary driving and to use car pools or mass transit if possible. >>> how did the pilot of a jumbo jet that had taken off from san francisco re
. >> a historic moment in baghdad as u.s. officials formally hand over control of military operations back to the iraq government. >> good morning. it's wednesday, september 1. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. >>> an east bay murder suspect is dead this morning. he is now being connected with killings in two counties. right now bomb squad units are at two different locations. anne makovec is at a home in vallejo where officers made a gruesome discovery. >> reporter: good morning. police have been here all night. they found the bodies of two women in this home here behind me on upland court overnight. the bodies were chopped up, according to police. police have not positively confirmed yet if they are indeed two missing women in their 60s that have been missing since last week. one of those women did live here. they were both acquaintances of a man suspected of at least two other murders and here is that man. his name is efren valdemoro, 38 years old. now, he was shot and killed by officers last night. officers say that valdemoro fled the chp on a high-speed c
>>> got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email brian@cbs5.com. >>> expecting earl. evacuations are under way in north carolina. as hurricane earl threatens to slam the east coast. dave price is live on the scene. he will tell us where it is headed and when it may hit. >>> turning the page. in a prime time address, president obama says now that u.s. combat operations in iraq are over, it is time to move on and put the focus back on our own soil. >> our most urgent attack is to restore our economy and put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. >> we will hear from both sides of the aisle in interviews with vice president biden and senator john mccain. >>> the battle ahead. legendary actor michael douglas opens up to david letterman about his fight with cancer. >> i finished my first week of radiation and chemo. and it is about an eight-week struggle. >> why douglas is optimistic he will make a full recovery. "early" this wednesday morning, september 1st, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. good morning to fol
as the announcement was made. thank you very much for being with us, miss. tell me what you heard and where you were. >> we were at the deck, i was at my desk on the 5th floor. the 5th floor is digital media department. >>shepard: when stuff. the side that is the website of discovery channel. go ahead. >> yes. we heard an announcement there was an "incident," and everyone was to find an office and lock themselves in it but we did not do that because there were, people were just milling and and i was looking out the window and i saw 20 police cars roll up and ñ-what looked like a bomb trucko me and i saw this guy getting all geared up with, like, bullet proof vest and strapping on this gear with like an automatic rifle or machine gun and he walked like under where i was, my window is right above where the lobby is, where this is going down. >>shepard: can you see the lobby from there? >> it is directly below. i cannot see in. and they brought the k-9 units. so, i'm pretty much, i am standing outside and i can see the lobby and all we can see is people milling around inside. i recognize some security
available to us in the future. the next strategy is integrated water ma'am meant and third one, is inbe greating energy in water issues. let's start just for a moment and talk about what we know are likely impacts of climate change and what that means on how water manager's tools will perform. a number of folks mentioned that they would see more evaporation, that means keeping this patch of green on green will take more than it did today. that means investment today in conservation and agriculture conservation. things that effect directly or indirectly evaporation transfers will save more tomorrow. they will perform bet er the future than today. there are a number of tools like that. we know we're doing to see more extreme weather events and higher and extreme lows. some of this is already happening. that means urban areas will necessarily be investing in flood management and watershed management. those are essential parts of the flood management and some water utilities have flood water management and some don't. that suggests there's a real opportunity for water managers to work toget
found two bodies there. they are telling us those bodies were chopped up. they are believed to be the women who had not been seen since wednesday. he had apparently either stayed at the home as a tenant or guest and there is another missing person connected to this case. 35-year-old frederick salis is the son of 73-year-old ricardo salis of hercules. he was found beaten to death in his home saturday allegedly by valdemoro. we have a reporter headed to vallejo and we'll have more on this story at 5:30. >>> in other news the condition of fremont police officer shot in oakland last week has improved after another surgery. yesterday's surgery on 39-year- old todd young was successful. his condition upgraded to serious but stable. the shooting suspect is still in jail in san diego. that is 20-year-old andrew barrientos. he is now charged with attempted murder. he is expected to be arraigned in alameda county next tuesday. >>> we are starting the third month without a state budget. lawmakers ended their session last night after debating two budget plans. governor schwarzenegger sa
of category three. said it sought to brush against these kids in the u.s.. here's the destruction across the caribbean. from damages st. john's bay and virgin islands. this girl is late approach to the u.s. right now evacuations have been issued to the islands along the carolina coast. impact expected on the weekend. >> the rest take the stage tonight for their first and only scheduled debate. for is going to take place at st. mary's college. most recent polls show box with this slim 3% lead over college. most recent polls show box with this slim 3% lead over feeling now. á our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. then call an agent at
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